Wall of Honor Criteria & Form


  1. The candidate must be an alumnus or an alumna (one who has attended or has graduated) of a Community Unit School District #7 School (Benld or Gillespie).  The candidate must be out of school at least 20 years.*
  • The candidate shall have exemplified such citizenship and contributions to society which bring distinction and honor not just to the individual, but to all alumni.
  • The nominee must have distinguished himself/herself in either of the following:
  1. His/her profession – the candidate may have contributed to his/her chosen profession through outstanding individual performance or leadership, literary and/or professional publications, or recognized success in a particular field of work.
  • His/her community – the candidate (without thought of compensation) may have contributed time, effort, and/or resources to benefit District #7 and/or the community, state, or nation in which he/she now resides.

*Awards could be given posthumously.

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