Blocked website, how do I get it resolved?

Over the summer the Technology Department has implemented a new state of the art, more open and advanced Internet Content Filtering System. This upgrade will allow staff a more free and easier to use online experience. While you still may encounter some blocked websites, it should be far less than previous years. So if you encounter a blocked website there is no need to contact us or fill out a helpdesk ticket like before, you simply enter your email address and the reason to unblock on the blocked page and the Technology Department will get an instant notification and unblock it for you within minutes, sometimes even sooner!

The Technology Department at CUSD 7 takes great pride in upgrades and making life easier for teachers and staff because we understand you have enough work to do already.

If you do have technical issues or questions feel free to email us at and a support ticket will be created for you.

Thank you and have a great school year!