Gillespie High School Student of the Month Application

Please complete the application and "submit".
Student Response: Please write an explanation of why you deserve this award.

Purpose: The United Community Bank Student of the Month program, celebrates individual achievement
by creating a culture of learning that values

  • Effort
  • Leadership
  • Overall Achievement
  • Outstanding attitude/School Spirit
  • Consideration To Others
  • Community Involvement/Service
  • Exemplary Attendance as well as elevating awareness of student contributions to the District 7 Community at large.

Students wishing to be considered for Student of the Month (SOTM) must complete an application via the district
website. The application process will require a written explanation as to why the student feels they should be
selected for the award. The committee is encouraged to consider the students’ contributions up to that point,
rather than a specific start and end date timeline.
1.) Students will be made aware of the SOTM award during an all class assembly at the start of the school year. Additionally, there will be procedures posted on bulletin boards throughout the high school building and online.
2.) Students will complete the application online and will submit. The application process will be open throughout the school year, but monthly deadlines will be set for applications and essays to be considered.
3.) One Senior will be chosen each month. To be considered for SOTM, seniors MUST have application and essay submitted by the third Friday of each month. All students submitting an application and essay will be eligible for Student of the Year. However, no application submitted after the second Friday of May will
be considered for SOTM or Student of the Year.
4.) A committee made up of faculty members appointed by and including the principal will convene to determine the SOTM and the Student of the Year.
5.) SOTM recipients will be celebrated during the following month after the announcement is made (e.g., throughout the month of October, “September SOTM” will be celebrated).
Recipients will be recognized in the following ways:
• Certificate of Commendation, $50 monetary award from United Community Bank for SOTM, and $1,000 monetary award for Student of the Year. This check for the Student of the Year will be made payable to the Student as well as the school they will be attending.
• Name displayed on Marquee sign of United Community Bank on Macoupin St. in Gillespie.
• Name announced during morning announcements each Monday of the month.
• Designated parking space for the month.
• Name, picture, and bio featured in the school and community newspapers twice each month.
• Announced during the monthly public session of the Board of Education.
1.) Once selected by the SOTM committee, the name of the students will be passed onto school administration for final approval. Administration may reject the committee’s selection because of disciplinary issues, attendance concerns, etc. In this case, the committee will consider another candidate.
2.) The committee may also approach the teachers of the students selected for that month. This is to ensure that the best candidate is selected and that there are no underlying issues throughout his/her daily schedule.
3.) Students who are selected as SOTM will not be able to earn the award again that school year.
4.) SOTM can be awarded only to Seniors.
5.) Only those who win the award will be recognized; other nominees will not be disclosed outside the
nomination committee.